VA Health Care

“As an Education Administrator for a large government hospital I have called on Elise to facilitate ‘Emotional Intelligence’ with our staff as part of our journey to create a ‘Culture of Excellence.’ Elise is an excellent presenter and keeps the audience engaged throughout the session by using adult learning principals. The course critiques by participants rate this offering as outstanding!”



“I’ve invited over sixty-three different lecturers, faculty, and facilitators to THF over the past three years to work with our Navy Seals and Special Operation Forces. We received some of the highest and most positive survey responses from Elise’s course in our history. Her facilitation expertise and methods are superior and very hard to come by. She is extraordinary even among the extraordinary!”

Joe Musselman, CEO, The Honor Foundation


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“Elise has excelled for us in leading both small and large groups through Emotional Intelligence, Inspirational Leadership, and Appreciative Inquiry.  Her style is engaging and compelling.  She believes in what she is teaching, and what she is teaching can and will make a difference for those who learn from her.”

John Gavan, President, KPFF Consulting Engineers


C3 San Diego, Pathfinders, Market Place and Business Leaders

“Elise is a true professional. She operates with a high level of excellence that inspires those she leads. She has a unique way of building relationships quickly and gaining the trust of the people around her. Her example of hard work, passion for what she does, care for people and commitment to seeing others rise in their sphere of influence makes Elise a leader anyone would want to follow.”

Jon Heinrichs, Director of Development, Pathfinders San Diego


C3 San Diego, Pathfinders, Market Place and Business Leaders

“Elise is a world-class communicator and adds tremendous value to the Pathfinders Team. She has the ability to take a vision and carry it through to full development. Elise is proactive, prepared, and effective at engaging those she leads. She sets the standard and models both excellence and professionalism, inspiring those she leads to operate at their best.”

Colin Higginbottom, Marketplace Coach, Pathfinders San Diego