Emotional Intelligence

What Is Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a set of behaviors and skills that help leaders unlock the power of their teams and achieve unprecedented results. Some of these skills include self-awareness, managing emotions, empathy, resilience, leading change, and achievement drive.

“People join organizations but they leave bosses….”

Emotionally intelligent leaders inspire fierce loyalty, drive engagement, and attract the best talent for their organizations.

The Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile®

The most comprehensive and statistically reliable assessment on the market today–measuring 26 distinct social and emotional intelligence competencies includes a detailed report describing the behaviors of people who are competent and lack competence in each of the 26 areas includes a complete suite of tools with specific developmental strategies and action steps for increasing your EI score quickly used by over 75% of Fortune 500 companies.

Available in Two Editions:

  1. -Self-Scoring
  2. 360 Multi-Rater Assessment: allows for an unlimited amount of raters (supervisors, peers, direct reports, customers) to provide info on their perception of your performance in the 26 different areas of emotional intelligence

*both assessments are available in three versions: Work | Life & Youth

Training Options=

Training and Coaching Options

Team: Half day or Full day

Individual: Executive Level and Leadership Coaching

Who Is Using Emotional Intelligence Training?

Here are some examples of organizations who are have embraced EI training and development within the organizations.

  • At a Fortune 100 insurance company, those who scored high in Emotional Intelligence were associated with 15% more growth than lower performing agents.
  • US Air Force: able to use EI screening to increase by threefold their ability to hire successful recruiters, reduce the first year turnover rate, and reduce related financial losses by 92%.

Organizations using Emotional Intelligence

Elise Boggs

Elise Boggs is a San-Diego based consultant, speaker, leadership coach and university professor. Her passion is to equip the next generation of marketplace leaders to change the world.

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